Your first visit to Bostick Dental Center is an important time to get to know us and to begin to understand all that we can accomplish to benefit your overall dental health. During this time, we will learn about your health history and will begin to lay the groundwork for your personalized treatment through several steps, including:

  • A review of your health and dental histories
  • A new set of digital radiographs (X-rays)
  • A comprehensive oral evaluation, including evaluation of existing restorations and identification of decay and other conditions that may need treatment
  • A series of digital photographs
  • A complete periodontal evaluation
  • A question and answer session with your dentist, including a review of your smile goals
  • A professional cleaning with your highly-skilled hygienist

After your initial evaluation, Dr. Bostick will analyze all of the information and will conduct a treatment consultation with you. This is an opportunity for you to learn about your unique dental health. Your dentist will review your goals and will give you recommendations about your unique treatment plan.


We are delighted to welcome you to our practice and are pleased that you chose us to serve your dental needs.

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